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image: fuel safeFor over 30 years Fuel Safe has manufactured and fabricated fuel bladders and fuel accessories for every form of racing.

Fuel Safe products provide superior quality and workmanship that exceed racerís demanding expectations and sanctioning specifications. They provide the highest puncture resistance and durability and are backed by a five year warranty. Their complete range of fuel bladders, fuel cells and racing accessories offer the most comprehensive inventory of high performance fuel orientated products on the market.

Whether youíre running gasoline or methanol, fuel injected or naturally aspirated, circle track or road course, there is a fuel safe cell product available for your race car. Fuel Safe welcomes the opportunity to be part of your fuel cell needs and to be a part of your racing efforts.

Tanks / Bladders and Accessories - Fuel Safe - Tanks, Bladders & Caps

Part NoDescriptionPhoto
FJ-25Fuel Jug: 2 1/2 gallon
FS-1Fuel filter element 8 x 5/8
FS-120FuelSafe In-tank filter 12x90deg
FS-BPFuelSafe Tank BTM plate
FS-CP6X10Coverplate with nut serts
FS-ITV06#6 One Way check valve red
FS-MB116FuelSafe 16gal Mini Sprint Bladder
FS-MB118FuelSafe 18gal MiniSprint Bladder
FS-MB119FuelSafe 19 gal MiniSprint Bladder
FS-MB12727 gallon midget bladder
FS-MB216FuelSafe 16gal MiniSprint/Midget TANK complete assy
FS-MB219BFuelSafe 19gal MiniSprint/Midget TANK w/baffle
FS-MB225B25 gallon Outlaw tail tank complete w/baffle
FS-MB227BFuelsafe 27gal MiniSprint/Midget TANK w/baffle
FS-MT116Mini Sprint Tail Tank
FS-MT116TFuelSafe 16gal TANK with top 4x6 vented
FS-MT11818 gallon tail tank
FS-MT119FuelSafe 19gal TANK Shell 4x6 btm hole
FS-MT119TFuelSafe 19gal Tank with top 4x6 vented
FS-MT127FuelSafe Midget Shell btm plate
FS-SB125FuelSafe OUTLAW 25 Gal Tank Bladder
FS-SB127FuelSafe 27gal Bladder for MiniSprint/Midget FS-MT127
FS-SB225BFuelSafe 25gal OUTLAW TANK complete
FS-SB228BFuelsafe 28gal SPRINT TANK complete w/baffle
FS-SF4x6Std 4x6 Fill plate with fulsh cap
FS-SF4X6B-A4 x 6 Aluminium plate to fit Mini Sprint tail tank
FS-ST125FuelSafe OUTLAW TANK shell
FS-ST127Sprint tail tank - shell only
FS-ST128FuelSafe 28gal OUTLAW shell
FS-SV120FuelSafe Shut Off Valve
FS-TPFuelSafe Top Tank Plate & Cap
FS-TP27FuelSafe 27gal TANK top plate
FS-WG100FuelSafe Wear Guard Sprint Bladder
PET-09-0910Peterson: 6 fuel tap Dash Mounting
SPECIALPlate & caps

Note: For current prices on these products, please call our sales staff at our Sydney and Melbourne offices.

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