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Are you looking for a competitively priced and stylish alternative to the long established products on the racing wheel market today? If you've looked around the pits and taken notice of what wheels the "gun racers" are running on their cars to keep them up front, you've probably noticed that Max Wheel is their choice.

Manufactured in Australia from 606-1 T6 aluminium using a metamorphic process (originating from Kerry Mitchell's Eagle One Wheels Melbourne), the Max Wheel line of racing wheels has been developed into one of the most edgy, stylish and functionality orientated products available on the market today. We also manufacture a complete range of direct mount front hubs for sprintcars to suit a wide variety of manufacturer's spindles. Max Wheel products can be supplied as complete wheels or as replacement centres, wheel halves, bead locks and mud covers.

MD Motorsport are also Australian distributors for the Weld Wheel range of racing wheel products.

Racing Wheels - 10" Midget 4 Lug

ManufacturerPart NoSizeRear SpaceBead Lock
Weld Wheel768-101410 x 103 3/4None
Weld Wheel768-172310 x 72 3/4Outer
Weld Wheel768-171310 x 72 3/4None
Weld Wheel768-182410 x 83 3/4Outer
Weld Wheel768-181410 x 83 3/4None
Weld Wheel768-182310 x 82 3/4Outer
Weld Wheel768-181310 x 82 3/4None
Weld Wheel768-192410 x 93 3/4Outer
Weld Wheel768-191410 x 93 3/4None
Weld Wheel768-192310 x 92 3/4Outer
Weld Wheel768-191310 x 92 3/4None
Weld Wheel768-161310 x62 3/4None
Weld Wheel768-162310x 62 3/4Outer

Racing Wheels - 10" Midget Star Spline

ManufacturerPart NoSizeRear SpaceBead Lock
Weld Wheel734-102410x103 3/4Outer
Weld Wheel734-101410x103 3/4None
Weld Wheel734-101310x102 3/4None
Weld Wheel734-182410x83 3/4Outer
Weld Wheel734-181410x83 3/4None
Weld Wheel734-191410x93 3/4None

Racing Wheels - 13" Midget 6 Pin

ManufacturerPart NoSizeRear SpaceBead Lock
Max WheelM6P-303L13x103Outer
Max WheelM6P-30113x101Outer
Max WheelM6P-363L13x63Outer
Max WheelM6P-373L13x73Outer
Max WheelM6P-37313x73None
Max WheelM6P-384L13x84Inner
Max WheelM6P-38413x84None
Max WheelM6P-383L13X83Outer
Max WheelM6P-38313x83None

Racing Wheels - 13" Midget Spline (31 spline)

ManufacturerPart NoSizeRear SpaceBead Lock
Max WheelMSP-304L13x104Outer
Max WheelMSP-303L13x103Outer
Max WheelMSP-301L13x101Outer
Max WheelMSP-3113L13x113Outer
Max WheelMSP-383L13x83Outer
Max WheelMSP-38313x83None

Racing Wheels - 15" Sprint 6 Pin

ManufacturerPart NoSizeRear SpaceBead Lock
Max WheelM6P-5105L15x105Outer
Max WheelM6P-584L15x84Outer
Max WheelM6P-58415x84None
Max WheelM6P-583L15x83Outer
Max WheelM6P-58315x83None

Racing Wheels - 15" Sprint Spline

ManufacturerPart NoSizeRear SpaceBead Lock
Max WheelMSP-5154L15x145Outer
Max WheelMSP-5144L15x144Outer
Max WheelMSP-5145L15x145Outer
Max WheelMSP-5155L15x145Outer
Max WheelMSP-5156LW15X156"Outer
Max WheelMSP-5155LW15X155"Outer
Max WheelMSP-5156L15x156Outer
Max WheelMSP-5164L15x164Outer
Max WheelMSP-5176L15x176Outer
Max WheelMSP-5175L15x175Outer
Max WheelMSP-5186LW15X186"Outer
Max WheelMSP-5185LW15X185"Outer
Max WheelMSP-5186L15x186Outer
Max WheelMSP-5185L15x185Outer
Max WheelMSP-5184L15x184Outer

Racing Wheels - Midget Spindle Mount Rim Shells

ManufacturerPart NoSizeRear SpaceBead Lock
Max WheelMSM-363WLC13x63Outer
Max WheelMSM-363L13x63Outer
Max WheelMSM-36313x63None
Max WheelMSM-374WLC13x74Outer
Max WheelMSM-374L13x74Outer
Max WheelMSM-37413x74None
Max WheelMSM-373WLC13x73Outer
Max WheelMSM-373L13x73Outer
Max WheelMSM-37313x73None

Racing Wheels - Sprint Spindle Mount Rim Shells

ManufacturerPart NoSizeRear SpaceBead Lock
Max WheelMSM-584WLC15x84Outer
Max WheelMSM-58415x84None
Max WheelMSM-583WLC15x83Outer
Max WheelMSM-58315x83None
Max WheelMSM-584L18x84Outer
Max WheelMSM-583L18x83Outer

Racing Wheels - Wheel Halves - 13 & 15 "

ManufacturerPart NoSizeRear SpaceBead Lock
Max WheelMWH-32NL13X2-None
Max WheelMWH-32WL13X2OOuter
Max WheelMWH-33NL13X3O & INNone
Max WheelMWH-33WL13X3OOuter
Max WheelMWH-34IN13X4IInner
Max WheelMWH-34NL13X4ONone
Max WheelMWH-34WL13X40Outer
Max WheelMWH-35IN13X5INNERInner
Max WheelMWH-35WL13X5OOuter
Max WheelMWH-36WL13X6OOuter
Max WheelMWH-37WL13X7OOuter
Max WheelMWH-38WL13X8OOuter
Max WheelMWH-50WL15X10OOuter
Max WheelMWH-511WL15X11OOuter
Max WheelMWH-512WL15X12OOuter
Max WheelMWH-513WL15X13OOuter
Max WheelMWH-53WL15X3OOuter
Max WheelMWH-53NL15X3ONone
Max WheelMW5-54IN15x4HALF WHInner
Max WheelMWH-54NL15X4ONone
Max WheelMWH-54WL15X4OOuter
Max WheelMWH-55NL15X5ONone
Max WheelMW5-55IN15x5HALF WHInner
Max WheelMWH-55WL15X5OOuter
Max WheelMWH-56WL15X6OOuter
Max WheelMW5-56HL15x6HALF WHOuter
Max WheelMW5-56IN15x6HALF WHInner
Max WheelMWH-56NL15X6ONone
Max WheelMWH-57IN15X7INone
Max WheelMWH-57WL15X7OOuter
Max WheelMW5-57HL15x7HALF WHOuter
Max WheelMWH-58WL15X8OOuter
Max WheelMW5-58HL15x8HALF WHOuter
Max WheelMWH-59WL15X9OOuter

Racing Wheels - Wide 5 HS

ManufacturerPart NoSizeRear SpaceBead Lock
Max WheelMW5-5126L15x126Outer
Max WheelMW5-5125L15x125Outer
Max WheelMW5-5124L15x124Outer
Max WheelMW5-5144L15x144Outer
Max WheelMW5-510L5x10 HALF WHOuter
Weld Wheel571-522515x125Outer
Weld Wheel571-521315x123Outer
Weld Wheel571-521415x124None
Racing Wheel Notes:

Note: For current prices on these products, please call our sales staff at our Sydney and Melbourne offices.

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